We at Bonnema Pools only use and sell top quality products. This includes:

  • Pumps for your pool that run efficiently.
  • Pool Heaters with the correct amount of BTU’S for your pool.
  • Pool Filters that are the correct size for your pool.
  • Pool Equipment such as: Pool & Spa Lights, Commercial Vac Heads, Flat Nets, Pool Nets, Pool Poles, Pool Brushes, Vac Hoses, and Pool Vac Heads.

Recommended Chemicals & Equipment
GLB Algimycin 2000 (Algaecide for pools)
GLB Large 3″ Chorline Tablets (Sanitizer)
GLB Clear Blue (Clarifier)
GLB Oxy-Brite (Pool shock treatment)
GLB Granular Chlorine
Natural Chemistry PHOSfree (Algae control)
Ultima NIX (Treat and prevent algae)

Pentair Intellichlor Chlorine Generator (Salt water pool system)
Pentair 011013 IntelliFlo VS 3050 High-Performance Pool Pump
Penatair SuperFlow Pool & Spa Pump
Pentair Tagelus Sand Filter
Pentair Triton 2 Sand Filter
Raypak RP2100 Pool Heater
Sta-Rite Cristal-Flo Sand Filter
Sta-Rite System 3 Cartridge Filter
WhisperFlo High Performance Pump

Take the guess work out of purchasing chemicals and equipment, don’t settle for buying outdated or less efficient equipment from discount stores. We provide you with up to date supplies and equipment that you can trust. We know what chemicals and equipment will work best in your pool. Helping you find the best solution is our top priority. If you find a better price on the same grade of equipment from a competitor then we can install their products as well.

Pool Cleaning

• Weekly Pool Cleaning
• Bi-Weekly Pool Cleaning
• Vacation Pool Cleaning
• One Time Pool Cleaning